Custom CGI programming

We can write any kind of custom perl scripts for your website, develop database structure. We usually write scripts in Perl for Unix using MySQL database if necessary.
Click here to request a quote.

CGI scripts: installation and customization

We can help you to install any CGI script on your website, customize it to fit in your site design, add new features etc. Prices start from $25 for UNIX and $35 for NT servers. Email us to request a quote.

Dedicated servers maintenance

Your website grow so much so you had to buy a dedicated server for it, but you have no idea how to configure it or install required software to run your website?
We offer many services to help you running your server.
Our current hourly rate is $30, this is lower than most of hosting companies charge for their servers maintenance.
Email us with details and we'll contact you as soon as possible.
Due to high demand we've made special offer: MySQL database server installation for only $47.95 - order now!
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