Top Site 2000 Demo
Top Site 2000 Demo Page
This is an example of how your Top Site may look like. All features of Top Site 2000 are included or linked from this page.
Powerful admin utility
Allows you to control your top site, change design, running option, manage sites. To access this script, you should enter login and password. For this demo script login is demo and password is demo.
Top List (standard)
This is standard top list example. These columns may be changed at installation time. In this example it show 50 sites from all categories, but it can be changed to any number of sites.
Top List (compact)
This is compact version of standard list. All sites may be listed on one page without need to scroll!
Browse/Search List
This is example of sites listing then browsing by category of search for sites by keywords. You can control how much sites will be listed per page.
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