Top Site 2000 Features List
Number of sites supported: Unlimited (within free disk space on your server)
Ranking by: Incoming clicks, outgoing clicks or counter views
Categories supported: from one to unlimited (you can customize it to have only one category)
Cutomizable graphical counter: Yes (GD library is required)
Members statistics: Simple and advanced (graphical & logs), public and private
Daily ranking (top50): Rank, compare with yesterday's rank (up/down/stay arrows), clicks, stats, anything you want (custom)
Weekly ranking (top50): This and last week position, compare with last week position (up/down/stay arrows)
Daily hits reset: with first visitor after 00:00 or by cron
Local time correction: Yes
Remove inactive sites: Yes (after 20 days without hits by default)
Unlist site: Yes
Privileged sites support: Yes (always at top of search and browse lists)
Hints counting: In: total,today,yesterday, raw & unique; Out: total,today
Anti-cheat protection: Anti-cheat gateway, ip-blocking (1 hour or more), ip-list blocking (anti-proxy)
Browse sites: by any number of sites (25, 50 and 100 by default)
Member services: Auto registration,updates,retrieve password and delete
Admin script: Full contol on members and other admin features
Last 10 registered users list: Yes
Mail all members: Yes
Recommend site: Yes
This script comes with free installation and configuration. We are ready to make any custom changes to create top site for you what YOU want!
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